A Little Bit About Me

Hi Everyone,

It’s just me, @debt.free.in.2018 from Instagram. I decided to start a blog here because I find that when I am making a post on Instagram, I tend to have a lot to say, more than should be said on a simple IG post. I am new to blogging and still fairly new to my debt free journey, so I am in no way claiming to be some kind of financial guru of any sort, I just want to share my thoughts and journey with more details for anyone who is interested! My goal is to become debt debt free while still enjoying life along the way.

I am 31 years old (almost 32), live in Southern California, work full time (screw the corporate world!) and live with my boyfriend of 8+ years. We have 2 dogs and no kids, but my 18 year old sister lives with us, so it’s kind of like I do actually have a kid lol. I also go to school part time (trying to finish my bachelor’s degree).

Welcome to the Debt Free in 2018 blog! (Still trying to think of a better name, if anyone has any suggestions, lol)   😀


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